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Bargaining in the Shadow of Unequal Law – Between Get Refusal and Pro-Female Civil Courts

Riddle me this – what’s the difference between this and this? In both cases, the parties deal with a fixed legal disadvantage, yet one is decried (the get refusal) while the other (the pro-woman property and child custody laws) are … Continue reading

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Open Thread Sunday

What makes a good baalabos?

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Do Rabbis Belong in the Bedroom?

In light of On the Main Line’s recent review, my answer would usually be an emphatic no. People trained in yeshiva and kollel generally have little to no understanding of male and female sexuality outside of relevant texts which they generally don’t … Continue reading

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Regarding Jewish Demographics

A note to my Secular, Reform and Conservative Brethren across the sea: Want to contribute to Jewish continuity? Have more than 1-2 children and raise them Jewish. That is all. PS That generally involves getting married, which you’re also not … Continue reading

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You Learn A Lot In Yeshiva – Except How To Be A Man

Recently, my family and I had an interesting discussion with a Shabbat guest. She complained that Orthodox Jewish girls are given extensive amounts of shiurim about family and couples’ life (in her case from age 14 onward). On the other … Continue reading

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A Cri De Couer: The Beginning of the Jewish Manosphere?

I believe that the Jewish world – from the Orthodox to the secular – needs its own manosphere: a virtual community that emphasizes and strengthens Jewish male positive roles, prevents injustices against men by women and ensures better relations between … Continue reading

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Not Just an Orthodox Problem: On the “Shidduch Crisis”

You know, we spend so much time worrying about the problems of the “shidduch crisis” in the Orthodox world. Solutions are proposed and people blamed, but I’ve yet to see anyone talk about what’s happening in other parts of the … Continue reading

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