Bargaining in the Shadow of Unequal Law – Between Get Refusal and Pro-Female Civil Courts

Riddle me this – what’s the difference between this and this?

In both cases, the parties deal with a fixed legal disadvantage, yet one is decried (the get refusal) while the other (the pro-woman property and child custody laws) are lauded.


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1 Response to Bargaining in the Shadow of Unequal Law – Between Get Refusal and Pro-Female Civil Courts

  1. tickletik says:

    The main reason for the rise of feminism in general is because MEN have lost any feeling of depth AND brotherhood. This generation is mostly composed of homosexualized/ superficial males who lack any real terror when it comes to a Divine being that can literally give them infinite suffering. They just pay lip service to the concept.

    I know two men who have actual fear of God. I met another before he passed away, I’ve heard of another that I haven’t met. I myself have only enough self awareness to know that my “fear” is mostly neurotic. Real fear is something I do not have. More is the pity.

    In addition to having no fear, the common men have no respect, as the two concepts are connected. Since they have no real respect for Heaven it follows that they also have no love for Heaven either. As a result they do not give a rats ass about their brother. Since they do not give a damn about their brother AND they do not fear Heaven, they feel free to stab and murder their brother for their own immediate gain.

    Case in point: The constant willingness to flatter women and place the concerns of women over that of the men. Why not flatter the women? This advances them socially and gives them honor as a defender of the people. Just because they are actually burning the people to the ground is not an issue.

    At this point the average religious man would likely regard a Jew with two wives as being a fornicator. Ironically, he would also regard a rabbi having sexual relations with young boys as being perfectly normal. Or at least he’d shut up and ignore the rapings and honor the rabbi for whatever trivial superficial things the homo does in the beit midrash.

    This is what the final midrash in Succot meant when it says that the batei midrashim would be places of “niyuf”. I am neither a linguist nor a scholar, but I suspect the term “niyuf” or the concept of it relates to anything done for the sake of one’s apetites. This would include indulging one’s scholarly apetites as well as pursuit of honor. In addition to having sex with young boys of course.

    I know I’m being too harsh, maybe. But I have a great hate and bitterness in me for our degraded state. Just because we are in a better spiritual state than the nations does not impress me. The state of the nations at this point is a horror.

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