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Open Thread Sunday

What makes a good baalabos?

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Do Rabbis Belong in the Bedroom?

In light of On the Main Line’s recent review, my answer would usually be an emphatic¬†no.¬†People trained in yeshiva and kollel generally have little to no understanding of male and female sexuality outside of relevant texts which they generally don’t … Continue reading

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Regarding Jewish Demographics

A note to my Secular, Reform and Conservative Brethren across the sea: Want to contribute to Jewish continuity? Have more than 1-2 children and raise them Jewish. That is all. PS That generally involves getting married, which you’re also not … Continue reading

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You Learn A Lot In Yeshiva – Except How To Be A Man

Recently, my family and I had an interesting discussion with a Shabbat guest. She complained that Orthodox Jewish girls are given extensive amounts of shiurim about family and couples’ life (in her case from age 14 onward). On the other … Continue reading

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