Not Just an Orthodox Problem: On the “Shidduch Crisis”

You know, we spend so much time worrying about the problems of the “shidduch crisis” in the Orthodox world. Solutions are proposed and people blamed, but I’ve yet to see anyone talk about what’s happening in other parts of the Jewish world. If they did, it’d put our problems in perspective.

According to this link, the Reform marriage rate is 61% and the Conservative rate is 53%. That means that 40% of Reform Jews and almost 50% of Conservative Jews aren’t getting married period, and don’t even talk to me about having children.

What is a “crisis” by us is thus a full-blown catastrophe by them. Even if every single Conservative/Reform Jew would stay within the fold, their numbers would shrink by sheer demographic inertia. I have to wonder whether this is one of those times where interdenominational dialogue is not only permitted but absolutely necessary…


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3 Responses to Not Just an Orthodox Problem: On the “Shidduch Crisis”

  1. Shlomo says:

    Of course, many of those unmarried R/C Jews have serious relationships which take the place of marriage. Not all of them would consider themselves to be in a state of crisis.

  2. tickletik says:

    I’m really happy I read your blog if only for this one post. You made me realize soemthing very very important. Thank you.

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