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Licensure of Religious Services in Israel

[For a good description of licensure and its effects, see here. This post will be merely descriptive. In further posts I will discuss how to improve the situation] This post was originally going to be entitled ‘Rabbinic licensure’. However, after … Continue reading

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Response to Dr. Shai Secunda, Part II: Who Is the ‘God of the Text’?

[Note: This was originally meant to be the third part of the response. However, I decided to bump it up in light of the second quote. Enjoy. AIWAC] “Rashi? Rashi was an idiot!” – Anonymous* “Like my Rabbeim, I tremble … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Advocate: Arguments in FAVOUR of Maintaining the Orthodox Marriage Monopoly

Now that we’re approaching Purim, I thought I might pull my own ונהפוך הוא. Rather than explain why eliminating the Orthodox marriage monopoly would be a good thing, even for the Orthodox, I will lay out some arguments in favor … Continue reading

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