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What Gemara Can (Theoretically) Provide Students, Part IV

Wrestling With the Angel (Devil?) of Tradition A while back, I wrote a post about how to teach gemara to a crowd of non-Orthodox but seriously committed Jews. One of the points I tried to make is that such a … Continue reading

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Advice for Orthodox Bible Scholars from Dr. Josh Berman

In a comment on this post, which is worth reading on its own, Dr. Berman provides the following excellent piece of advice for Orthodox Bible Students afraid of the “bias” charge: “If a religious scholar said that his scholarship was … Continue reading

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Them’s Fightin’ Words: LBJ and the Liberty Incident

[WARNING: I am aware that the Liberty Incident is a very sensitive subject which often leads to raised passions. So I’m saying right now: All comments for this post must be on topic and civil. Any and all comments which … Continue reading

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