Plug for A New Book on Israeli Secularism

Prof. Gideon Katz’ scholarly articles on the dilemmas and tribulations of Israeli secular thinkers have served me in good stead. They provided me with a balanced, thoughtful and very informative corpus of information on the subject, which I used for my “non-observant” Israeli series of posts.

Most importantly, Katz, unlike most Israeli thinkers on the subject, is not polemical. He is not out to “prove” his point or denigrate other positions. Rather, he says to the reader: this is how secular thinkers think, these are their dilemmas, their triumphs and failures. You are invited to draw your own conclusions.

Now Katz has come out with a book in Hebrew covering the subject. If it is anything like his articles, then I cannot recommend it enough. If ever there was a person whose work I would promote, whose positions allow for empathy for a different view without having to ignore snide swipes and broadsides at one’s own worldview, it would be Prof. Gideon Katz.


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