Open Thread Sunday

What are the differences between Religious Zionism and Modern Orthodoxy?

[I plan to write a series of posts on the subject over the next two weeks, and I would like feedback from those who read this blog]


Hi, my name is Avi Woolf. I'm an American-Israeli MO Jew living in Israel. I have a background in Israeli (as in Land of Israel) and Jewish History and an insatiable need for knowledge. I also have professional experience as an editor, translator and indexer. Enjoy the ride! If you are interested in using my services or just want to drop me a line, contact me at:
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3 Responses to Open Thread Sunday

  1. fred says:

    do you basically mean us vs israel?

  2. Shlomo says:

    Offhand, I would say the most interesting difference is that RZ is more diverse.
    1) It inherits the spectrum of both Ashkenazi and Mizrahi intellectual/cultural trends, while MO (like all US Jewry) is overwhelmingly Ashkenazi.
    2) The issue of nationalism and the state of Israel is central enough to combine under one label people who differ much more with regard to other issues.
    3) R’ Kook provided an approach which no US thinker can equal in terms of originality and different-ness.

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