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My Response on Conversion at Harry’s Place

[The following is a comment I made over at Harry’s Place on a post of his regarding conversion. Discuss – aiwac] Rabbi Maryles, two things: 1) For all the ideal talk about only accepting ‘gerei tzedek’, ‘impure’ conversions done for … Continue reading

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Open Thread Sunday (Exercise)

OK, so how much physical exercise do you do? (I do about 20 minutes up and down the stairs, Sunday thru Friday. Push-ups optional)

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Everyone Complains About the Weather… (Open Thread Sunday)

In a trenchant comment on my posted letter to Prof. Marc Shapiro, Aharon Rose made an interesting observation. In his opinion, the total dominance of some sections of Jewish Studies in Israel by liberal/post-denominational/non-Orthodox Jews (including Bar-Ilan) has led to … Continue reading

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RW/LW Orthodoxy and the ‘Imaginary Polemic’

One of my favorite scholars on the topic of contemporary secular Jewish thought is Prof. Gideon Katz (Prof. Eliezer Schweid is another). I have learned much from his articles on the topic; I added much of his work on the … Continue reading

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Double or Nothing? A Letter to Prof. Marc Shapiro

To: Prof. Marc Shapiro Dear Sir, I recently had the pleasure of listening to a recording of your speech at the Goldstein-Goren conference regarding Jewish dogma. While it was certainly enjoyable, I must take issue with the first example you … Continue reading

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Not A Zero-Sum Game: Rational Thought and Religion According to Rabbi Dr. Michael Avraham (Introduction)

When I mentioned that I finished reading the book presently under review, a friend of mine, who is no intellectual slouch, was surprised that I had managed to get through all of it. I am just as surprised as he … Continue reading

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