Tidbits (Because I’m too lazy to write today)

  • Will someone explain to me why I keep getting an error screen every time I try to access Hirhurim?! It’s really frustrating.
  • Magness Press has an end-of the-year offer of 50 of their history books (some of which are no longer in print) on a CD at the really cheap price of 450 NIS (the collective value of the books is around 5,000 NIS). Valid only until next Sunday.
  • Mosad Bialik just came out with the latest issue of Iyunim Bitkumet Yisrael, as well as a history of the de-facto Foreign Ministry of the Jewish Agency (pre-State of Israel).
  • Bar-Ilan press has come out with an essay collection on Moshe Rabeinu from different angles – (Jewish POV) Tanach, Philosophy, Kabala and Hasidut, Modern Times and two essays on Moshe from the POV of Christianity and Islam.
  • Why is it that MO communities in the US have a “split-down-the-almost-middle” mehiza in shul, but RZ communities in Israel don’t? Rav Tzair muses on the issue (in Hebrew).
  • 10 ways to exercise at home, for the exceptionally lazy (such as me).



Hi, my name is Avi Woolf. I'm an American-Israeli MO Jew living in Israel. I have a background in Israeli (as in Land of Israel) and Jewish History and an insatiable need for knowledge. I also have professional experience as an editor, translator and indexer. Enjoy the ride! If you are interested in using my services or just want to drop me a line, contact me at: opdycke1861NOSPAM@yahoo.com
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