Open Thread Sunday

Rav Bin Nun recently came out with all guns blazing in an op-ed on ynet.

Long story short, the present Rabbinic elite – Gedolei Torah included – have rendered themsleves irrelevant as leaders of the Jewish people (including ostensibly “moderate” ones). At most they are fit to lead small secessionist communities (I’ve heard Rav Elyashiv say he paskens for Meah She’arim, which should be the case, really).

So what say you – have the Rabbinic elite made themselves irrelevant or not?


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2 Responses to Open Thread Sunday

  1. fred says:

    i dont know about making oneself irrelevant, but belonging to a religious community is voluntary these days. i can choose to follow a given rabbi completely, partially, or not at all. it has been this way since modernity hit the jewish community.

  2. Shlomo says:

    Perhaps the problem is that religious society has split into an array of small secessionist communities. Individuals, each of whom is perfectly willing to follow some rabbi, cannot agree on a rabbi all are willing to follow.

    Perhaps modern communications give a competitive advantage to those rabbis with one-dimensional outlooks, who cannot or will not deal with the complexity of running an entire society.

    And perhaps R’ Bin Nun is just making the common dati leumi mistake of assuming that since they are the only group that assigns value to all groups, they should be entitled to make decisions for everyone – and of not understanding when things don’t work out that way.

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