Tidbits (Because I’m Too Crippled To Write)

Well, I’m back from my sojourn from the golden medina. Unfortunately, the strain of sitting in a plane for so many hours has inflamed my lower back to the point that I can’t even stand. Ergo, I’ll only have the energy to give you the following nuggets:

  • A charedi article against mehdarin busses and arguing that the “sane majority” is against them as well.
  • Rabbi Dr. Michael Avraham is one of the most interesting Orthodox thinkers in the religious world today. In addition to writing many thought-provoking articles on halacha and machshava (next week’s tidbits will cover some of the broader ones), he has also authored three out of a planned four books on Judaism, postmodernism, philosophy and rational thought. I am close to finishing his most famous one – “Two Carraiges and a Hot Air Balloon” – and it deserves all the praise in the world. Granted, it’s a bit repetitive, but that’s just because Avraham is trying to be thorough, dealing with the Hume-Kant debate, Kant himself, conventionalism, Bertrand Russel and so on. This book is a must-read for any intelligent religious person and quite an eye-opener.
  • A new book on Astrology and Judaism in the Roman-Byzantine period, including a whole section on “Sefer Yetzira”, has just been published by Mosad Bialik.
  • Still single, still looking. Some things never change…
  • I support Rav MK Haim Amsalem. You should too.

BTW, that’s 50 posts on wordpress! Woot!



Hi, my name is Avi Woolf. I'm an American-Israeli MO Jew living in Israel. I have a background in Israeli (as in Land of Israel) and Jewish History and an insatiable need for knowledge. I also have professional experience as an editor, translator and indexer. Enjoy the ride! If you are interested in using my services or just want to drop me a line, contact me at: opdycke1861NOSPAM@yahoo.com
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