Breishit and Literalism

A fascinating debate is taking place over at Rav Slifkin’s blog and Rav Student’s blog on the question of how to understand the Flood story. By Rav Student it has evolved into a general discussion of what Orthodox Jews need to accept as literally true (i.e. historically true) in the Chumash prior to Sinai.

This is a good opportunity to mention one Rabbi Gedaliah Nadel, a talmid muvhak of the Hazon Ish and a true intellectual giant. A book of his dealing with the stories of Breishit in a very novel manner is available online (after the usual suspects “bought out” the books to keep it from circulation). Well worth the read.




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2 Responses to Breishit and Literalism

  1. gest says:

    Can you give a brief summary of his “novel manner”?

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