A conservative (small “c”) Orthodox-Jewish Manifesto: Introduction

In the years I’ve spent watching the OJ-blogosphere, I’ve seen many ideas bandied about to help our ailing communities. Nevertheless, I’ve rarely seen anyone try and express these ideas in a systematic and orderly fashion. This is getting more and more urgent, since with each passing year I see that commenters and bloggers grow ever more jaded and cynical, despairing of change. While some may make changes in their own house, this does not yet lead to the mass paradigm shift needed in much of the OJ community. What we need is a full discussion of how to actively move forward, not just kvetch on how we’re stuck now.

I would like to propose such a paradigm shift with a “statement of principles” that should serve as the basis for discussion and action for those of us who are fed up with “the way things are today”. The foundations of this statement combine what I think are the best ideas that have been thrown around, the ideas of my own classically liberal (what’s called “conservative” nowadays) positions as espoused by Thomas Sowell in A Conflict of Visions, among others, and Rav Chaim Navon’s own “conservative vision” espoused in Akdamot 22.

The principles can be summarized in the following pithy quotes. A full post will be dedicated to each:

I. Government (re: bureaucracy) isn’t the solution, it’s the problem.

II. Perfect is the sworn enemy of the good.

III.  With freedom comes great responsibility (with apologies to Stan Lee).

IV. A system, not a hierarchy.

V. To each person, their place. To each community, their people.

That’s the list as it stands now. Feel free to suggest other principles or debate the present ones (in a civil tone!).

Once I have the energy and free time, I will explain the full meaning of each principle to the broader OJ community.



Hi, my name is Avi Woolf. I'm an American-Israeli MO Jew living in Israel. I have a background in Israeli (as in Land of Israel) and Jewish History and an insatiable need for knowledge. I also have professional experience as an editor, translator and indexer. Enjoy the ride! If you are interested in using my services or just want to drop me a line, contact me at: opdycke1861NOSPAM@yahoo.com
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